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Corporations Law, Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

Our office provides advice to entrepreneurs in all aspects of their activities, for example company foundation, sale or purchase of companies, due diligence, everyday business or transformations of companies (mergers, de-mergers), changes in Commercial Register entries or securities, capital stock changes, protection from unfair competition, concluding contracts and other areas.

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Real Estate and Construction Law

We will stand by your side both during purchase, sale, donation or encumbrance of real estate properties, whether with liens or easements, and of the preparation of contracts for work or, for example land-use planning and building approval procedures.

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Litigation, Arbitration

We have many-years of experience of judicial disputes at all levels of court proceedings, including, for example, proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and the European Court for Human Rights or Court of Justice of the European Union. We also have rich experience of arbitration proceedings.

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Criminal Law, Misdemeanour Law

You can rely on us to provide you with defence against all criminal proceedings, as well as representation of aggrieved parties or at misdemeanour proceedings.

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Road traffic accidents

We often advise our clients on the legal issues surrounding road traffic accidents and we enforce their claims relating to them.

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Are you ready for General Data Protection Regulation? We advise you on this, including the adjustment of the internal processes in your company.

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Mgr. Hedvika Hartmanová, JUDr. Vojtěch Steininger, LL.M.

International and Local Transportation, Logistics

In the area of transportation law we focus on enforcement of freight charges, compensation for damages, including recourse claimed by insurance companies, and related liability in tort. We have in-depth knowledge of legal issues in the area of logistics.

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Labour Law

We will provide you with full labour-law advice, such as employment contracts, representation at labour-law disputes, internal regulations and collective bargaining.

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Civil and Family Law

We provide legal advice within the full range of civil law, whether this is a case of contract, law of associations or inheritance law. We will advise you on the resolution of family law problems (divorce, alimony, inheritance) and the preparation of required documents or the solution of various disputes at law of contract.

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Tax Law

Thanks to cooperation with an experienced tax advisor we are very capable also in this area of law which affects the lives of all of us.

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We are experienced experts in representing our clients in the Czech inheritance process.

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Establishing a company in the Czech Republic

We can establish a new company in the Czech Republic for you.

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