Criminal law and misdemeanour

We will represent you in criminal or infringement proceedings or recovery of damages.

You can rely on us to defend you throughout the entire criminal proceedings, starting with pre-trial detention, the arraignment, the main hearing, the public hearing on appeal, the extraordinary appeal to the Supreme Court or the constitutional complaint to the Constitutional Court. If you have been the victim of a criminal offence, we represent you in both criminal and misdemeanour proceedings.

Experts in Criminal law and misdemeanour


Other legal areas

International inheritance Law

We will reliably represent you throughout the entire probate proceedings.


We will advise companies and entrepreneurs in all areas of their business.


We will assist you with litigation at all stages of the legal process.


We can advise you on transport law and legal issues related to logistics.

Real Estate

We will provide you with legal services for the donation, purchase and sale of real estate.

Generational succession, family businesses

We can help you with the transfer of family property and family businesses

Consumer information

The Czech Bar Assotiation has been authorised by the Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic for the extrajudicial resolution of disputes between attorneys-at-law and consumers in connection with contracts on legal services which are affected by the Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on the protection of the consumer.

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